Kids From the Inside Out
Guiding Young Children From the Inside Out
Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Young Children
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Guiding Young Children from the Inside Out is a strength- and resiliency- based approach to guiding children's behavior. Instead of a "me against you" approach, adults place themselves in the position of allies and colleagues in supporting children's growth.

Within these pages, explore:

Why kids do what they do
Life skills children need to thrive in school and life
Strategies for teachers and parents to help children move to social and emotional competency
Resources and Links to help you put it all together
Information on how to schedule a workshop

Jump around and have a good time with it. If you are new to this approach, start small and see how the children react. If you have been doing this for awhile, take a look at how others have implemented the approach and see if you can discover a new gem.

Best to you all and wishing you well...jenna



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